Essential Oils

Essential Oils have become very popular among the public.  I commend companies for bringing health back into the hands of the individual and empowering people to use simple and effective natural tools of healing.

That being said I feel the need to provide a broader prospective of natural health and express caution with the rise in Essential Oil Use.  I do so because even though Essential Oils are natural, as anything concentrated, they have risk.  Please take into consideration the following if you or your loved ones have started using Essential Oils. 

Natural hygiene.  Good air, good exercise, good water, good food, and good community are the foundation to health.  Simple but true, these must be in place for health and healing to take place.  If you loose one of these it will be like loosing a leg on a stool, still possible to stand but pretty wobbly.  This foundation should not be dismissed due to use of natural agents.  Example, “I can drink this sugary drink tonight and won’t get sick because I took my Essential oil”.

Whole plant medicine. If we are looking for “natural” medicine than what is closer to nature than a whole plant.  The Volatile Oil (Essential Oil) of Oregano has been shown to inhibit bacterial growth. That is fantastic but if we limit ourselves to the oil we are missing out on the properties of the whole plant.  The oregano plant has shown to prevent oxygen-based damage to cellular structures in the body with one gram of fresh plant having 42 times more antioxidant activity than an apple.  Oregano’s plant material has digestive aide properties and is rich in fiber and Vitamin K.  Consider planting and cultivating Oregano you will benefit in many ways!  

Natural medicine should be individualized.  Plant medicine is different than Pharmaceuticals.  Pharmaceuticals are stable and consistent.  Plants are alive, moving and adapting to their environment.  Have you ever seen an Oak tree in the Midwest versus the Southwest it is the perfect example of how plants change and adapt to their environment.  We should harmonize natural medicine with our constitution to create balance.  Therefore, I believe setting standards on plant medicine can limit their potential.  I use Manual Muscle testing to individualize natural medicine including Essential oils and I can tell you they are powerful and effective but are not always indicated or helpful and sometimes can stress an individual.  Feel free to bring your Essential Oils into your visit and we can test to find the best for you.

Safety with concentration.  It takes pounds of rose petals to extract one ounce of the essence of Rose.  This means it is concentrated and concentration equates to a stronger response.  With Essential Oils being aromatic their is no barrier to protect the brain.  This must be understood especially with developing brains of young ones.  Other reactions found from concentrated oils include skin irritation, light sensitivity and airway irritation.   

I want to remind you that the Natural Product Industry is a 37 billion dollar Industry.  Please make sure the companies you align with have integrity.  Look for companies that follow good manufacturing practices, have clean products with well defined ingredients, and make investments into researching natural products for safety and efficacy.  We commit to these guidelines with Medicine at Health Through Nature.