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One of the Naturopathic Principles is "docere" meaning doctor as teacher.  These classes and programs are intended to educate the patients, public, and medical professionals on various aspects of health in an interactive community setting. 


Natural Support for Baby’s first year

Dr. Steinke, ND has experience both professionally and personally entering into parenthood.  She finds it common for moms to get overwhelmed and stressed with all the information available about natural parenting.   

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With this class expect the information to be simple and practical.  You will learn how to use basic herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, and home hydrotherapy for the first year of life.  Expect to learn caution signs and behaviors encouraging you to seek medical attention.  Natural support will be given for common concerns of teething, gas, diarrhea, constipation, diaper rash, food introduction, and more!  Event is open to public.

Green is good!

Green is good!

Herbal Face Mask Application and Meditation

If you like face masks, facials, are looking for some after-sun care or simply a self-spa day you could find this application cooling, cleansing, nurturing, refreshing, and up-lifting. 

Join Dr. Steinke for a herbal face mask application and meditation. Entry fee covers the cost of one face mask package which contains 2 applications; 1 to be used and one to be taken home!


Ketogenic Diet & Liefstyle Program

Intended for those who want to be held accountable for healthy weight loss using real food.  Based on a modified Ketogenic diet intended to help you achieve moderate weight loss in a short amount of time.  

Stress is beautiful

Stress is nothing more than a pressure nudging you to make positive changes in your life working toward goal achieving and purposeful activities.  This seminar will help you make the shift to view stress this way to become more productive and healthy.


Meditation on Twin Hearts

We believe in meditation so strongly we offer a free guided group Meditation of Meditation on Twin Hearts by Master Choa Kok Sui once a month at noon. Meditation is so needed in our Western society of doing, it helps you be. Be present, happy, heal and know yourself better.  Schedule your appointment around these events.  You will not want to miss out!

Introduction to Pranic Healing®

Learn how to use Prana/Life force to accelerate your bodys ability to heal itself. You will also have the opportunity to experience intense Peace, Stillness, and Bliss through the Meditation on Twin Hearts.

Drs. Potts and Steinke teach this free course throughout Arizona & Wisconsin.



Learn to Meditate for Stress Release and Emotional Healing

Join us for a powerful introductory talk and guided meditation to learn the purpose of meditation and how it can help you in your daily life!  You will be taught the powerful "Meditation on Twin Hearts" to calm your emotions and experience inner peace and a sense of divine connection.  

Drs. Potts and Steinke teach this free course throughout Arizona and Wisconsin.

Introduction to Superbrain Yoga® & Pranic Healing®

Learn to boost your vitality, recharge your brain power, experience emotional calmness and mental clarity with this ancient technique that harnesses the body's primordial energies

SuperBrain Yoga® is a simple and effective technique to energize and recharge the brain. It is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture to balance the left and right brain energies.

Drs. Potts and Steinke teach this free course throughout Arizona and Wisconsin.


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Manual Muscle Testing Practitioner Course

Manual Muscle Testing is a tool to assess your client by eliciting a muscle response from an applied force and should be practiced regularly to be proficient.  This class is applicable to any practitioner allowed physical touch within their scope of practice and/or serve as a precursor to Applied Kinesiology courses.  After completion of this course...