Drs. Steinke and Potts provide the utmost in professional and personal care. They are ready to listen with respect and purpose; considering each new situation with energy and willingness. -Rebekah G.


After becoming frustrated with my MD's approach of 'Hurry-up-and-wait' for my condition, I made an appointment with Dr. Steinke.  I was there for one specific problem, and never realized the potential of total wellness that could be achieved until I sat down with her.  After two hours of reviewing my entire medical history and every seemingly insignificant bump, ache, and pain....I had a clear direction on what I needed to do and why in order to feel my best.  She showed me proof and connected the dots for me.  Within weeks I felt better....and within months, lab results confirmed I had beat a disease my MD said I'd live with the rest of my life. -Renee L.


I travel more than a thousand miles to consult with Dr. Steinke because, quite simply, I am healthier when I do, both physically and mentally. Dr. Steinke’s heartfelt concern for her patients, her knowledge of natural healing, and her almost unnatural understanding of my personal health and wellness needs make my journey on this earth easier. What more could anyone want in a physician? J. Michael Sims, PhD


The people who make up Heath Through Nature have helped me strengthen and build a relationship with my own heath.  Their methods allowed me to take an active role in my healing and with their guidance I am finding great freedom with in my own body. -Alicia H.


I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Dr Rhonda Steinke in my healing process. Her combination of understanding, compassion, technical expertise and creative solutions has made an enormous difference in my life. It has been a pleasure to get to know her and to work with someone whose approach to health is simultaneously so gentle and so powerful. -Harlan L.

Besides offering tenderness and compassion, Drs. Steinke and Potts have provided us with discernible results. -Rebekah G.