New Patients

Frequently Treated Conditions

Acute Cold and Flu                             Hypertension

Allegies                                             Infertility

Anemia                                             Insomnia

Asthma                                             Irregular Menstruation

Back Pain                                          Menopausal Symptoms

Cholesterol Concerns                        Multiple Sclerosis

Chronic Fatigue                                Neurological Concerns

Chron's Disease                                Obesity

Chronic Pain Syndrome                      Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

Constipation                                     Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cystitis                                            Thyroid Concerns

Fatigue                                             PCOS

Fibromyalgia                                     Ulcerative Colitis

Gastritis                                           Vitamin Deficiency


Heart Disease

Hormonal Concerns

We specialize in symptoms of any kind that do not add up to a conventional diagnosis.  Often times sub-clinical disease can be found or non-diagnosable conditions that keep you from being well. It is common for people feel unwell and their doctors say there is nothing diagnosable to be concerned of. This is good, we don’t want something to be concerned of, we want to be well. This is where natural medicine fits best, our medicine is gentle and safe, side effects are minimal and work to make the body more vital and strong which can often alleviate quality of life symptoms and concerns.  Quality of life is of utmost importance to us.