Increase your receptivity to Healing

Have you ever wanted to try energy healing but something holds you back?  It is good to recognize resistance from within.  Sometimes resistance is good, it is for safety or precaution.  Other times it can be attached to doubt, fear, or criticising thoughts. 

You should firmly ask yourself, am I being resistant, how and why am I resisting?  Ask yourself these questions and journal them before committing to treatments for these blockages can keep from receiving effective results.  Energy is subtle, it can be blocked by resisting thoughts. Receptivity is part of the Pranic Healing vocabulary and is thought of as a necessary state for optimal healing.  

To receive the most from your Pranic Healing and energy medicine sessions you can Invoke at the beginning for guidance, healing and protection.  If you do not believe in a higher source you can simply state a positive affirmation.  Another way to increase receptivity is through education.  Attend a free Introduction to Pranic Healing Course and learn all about the modality; its origin, Master Choa Kok Sui’s intention for the modality, and how to become more sensitive to energy. Testimonials on our website and the US Pranic Healing website will give you examples of people from all walks of life that have benefited from Pranic Healing as seeing it is believing it.

We at Health Through Nature are open-minded to Pranic healing and other forms of energy medicine.  We want a world with more options for subtle, cost-effective, painless, and easy ways for people to heal themselves.  This is why you will hear a lot more about Pranic Healing courses, meditations, and services within Health Through Nature.