Naturopathic Medicine Consultations

Private consulting is our most comprehensive service.  After making sure your medical needs have been met our doctors will use their extensive knowledge in botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition energy and physical medicine to customize your protocol and meet your goals and individualized needs.  

This service is best suited for people who do not fit into the box, have had not achieved results or have had intolerable side effects from conventional medicine.

Each Comprehensive Consultation, based on the individual need, can include: 

  • Medical evaluation & assessment

  • Naturopathic evaluation & assessment

  • Counseling

  • Spinal assessment and manipulation

  • Applied Kinesiology assessment and correction

  • Dietary & Lifestyle recommendations

  • Medical prescriptions 

  • Natural Medicine review, prescriptions, and recommendations


Pranic healing

Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing™ is safe and effective form of energy medicine using prana and your hands to achieve a healing reaction.  All our practitioners have seen the benefit of Pranic healing and use it as a single therapy or in combination with other methods of healing.  Pranic healing can be applied in or office or by distance sessions.

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Spinal Manipulation & Applied Kinesiology

No cracking or popping of joints in our office...

Our doctors specialize in low force respiratory manipulation where we use your breath as the force and our hands to apply a gentle pressure that will reset your bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Our doctors are trained in Applied Kinesiology and use Manual Muscle testing, a functional neurological test to get a response from a muscle stimulus to determine where physical medicine is needed.  They also use Manual Muscle testing to accurately test offending factors to your body (microbes, chemicals, food allergies) and which medicine registers best to your body for optimal healing.



Homeopathy is a powerful system of medicine that is more than 200 years old by using highly dilute substances to enhance the bodies innate ability to heal.  Since the substances are so dilute they are extremely safe and therapeutic.  Homeopathic treatment is based on your symptoms, not the symptoms of a disease, which makes the medicine tailored specifically to you and helpful for those who do not typically respond well to conventional medicine. To learn more about Homeopathy read Beyond Flat Earth Medicine

Botanical & herbal Medicine


Plants and herbs have medicinal value and have been documented in many ancient and biblical texts. Early United States pharmacy texts are filled with herbs and their therapeutic value.  Herbs are currently used as medicine daily as medicine by those enjoying a cup of green tea for anti-oxidant benefit, eating berries for heart health, or adding oregano to aide in digestion.  Our doctors are trained in knowing and understanding herbal medicinal properties, how they work biochemically and energetically and if they interact with anything you are taking.  We’ll help you add herbs to your daily health regimen or fight a current infection.



Hydrotherapy uses water at various temperatures to create a thermal response from many organs. You get to relax on a massage table for 50 minutes deep breathe and listen to nice music while hot and cold towels are applied to your core.   The goal of this therapy is to increase vitality, blood circulation and lymphatic flow and modulate the immune system. 

Laboratory Testing

We offer a safe and comfortable environment for your blood draw needs as well as affordable pricing for out of pocket or high deductible laboratory services.  We want the most information possible to set a baseline for treatment and gauge your therapeutic response.  We also offer functional laboratory services for those of you who want to investigate your symptoms further.