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August 10 2018

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Ketogenic Lifestyle and Diet Program

The KetoMed Diet & Lifestyle Program has been formulated by Drs. Jeffrey Potts, NMD and Rhonda Steinke, ND after over a decade of clinical experience recommending diet and lifestyle modifications for disease treatment and prevention.  What has been noted is a combination of diet and lifestyle modifications are necessary to achieve success.  Many diet programs are good however not all are aimed toward better health.  Ketomed has the goal of better health.  

The diet portion of the program is based on previous research of successful weight loss models using the Ketogenic and Mediterranean Diets in combination. The first 6 weeks of the diet plan are Ketogenic where the emphasis is based on limiting carbohydrate intake.  This phase is intended to help you achieve moderate weight loss which is defined as 5-10% of your body weight.  Upon completion of the first 6 weeks, this diet will slowly integrate more complex carbohydrates and anti-oxidant rich nutrients with the intention of maintenance of weight loss.

Education is a firm foundation to the program intended to teach nutrition and lifestyle components to gain proper understanding and will allow you to continue the program, self-guided, if desired after completion. 



All in 10 weeks...

  • Goal of 5-10% bodyweight loss
  • Personal consultation with Physician
  • Weekly educational sessions
  • Exercise and Lifestyle goals
  • Learn how to do it all with real food