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Our doctors are Naturopathic Physicians, experts in Natural Medicine, and trained medical providers to diagnose and treat illness.  Naturopathic Physicians differ from other medical professions in our principles about medicine.  We believe the body is innately wise, it wants to heal (Vis medicatrix Naturae).  It is our job to support the healing process.  Therefore we prioritize our treatment to use the most natural medicine first to regenerate the body, vs. bandaid or suppress the condition.  

Another necessary Naturopathic Principle is Tolle Tollum, treat the whole person.  If someone has a liver problem due to eating too many fatty foods we do not expect the body to be okay by simply treating the liver.  We will additionally want to address the desire for fatty foods or we will expect the problem to return or manifest somewhere else in the body.

By working with us, we are not going to ask you eat dirt, well at least not by the spoonful.  We will ask for you to analyze your health status and enhance your relationship with yourself.  Being Primary Care Physicians we understand there is a time and place for conventional medicine to make sure you are safe, stable, and taking medically necessary prescriptions.  When your medical needs are met we will look for the root of your concerns, create goals and construct a customized treatment plan to get you on the path to greater health.  

Value of visits

Please note the value of our New Patient visits & Comprehensive Consultation. Each session, based on the individual need, can include:

  • Medical evaluation & assessment

  • Naturopathic evaluation & assessment

  • Counseling

  • Spinal assessment and manipulation

  • Applied Kinesiology assessment and correction

  • Dietary & Lifestyle recommendations

  • Medical prescriptions

  • Natural Medicine review, prescriptions, and recommendations

Each of these alone are valued between $50 - $200.