Existing Patients

Dear Valued Partner,

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for establishing a life relationship with us.  Being in the established care of Naturopathic health professionals shows that you are dedicated to improving your way of living.  This dedication can extend to your family, community, and society and all are welcome to discover our whole health- through- nature world.  

Health Through Nature is actively working to improve our relationship with our clients and will be making great changes starting with this awesome new website.  Please pay attention to further changes ensuring an optimal relationship.  Signing up for our newsletter is a great way to keep in touch, we will do our best to keep newsletters educational informative and short!

Explanation of existing patient consultation fees

To help answer the questions of service value such as: what is the difference between brief, comprehensive, and extended visits?  Why are my follow-up charges different, what will the price of my return visit be?

Service fees can vary, price is not simply based on the length of the visit, instead the content discussed within the visit.  The complexity of the visit is taken into consideration.  This is how most medical service is valued. You may never have been explained medical pricing structure since it can be a heavy medically based conversation.  

For example: with a 15 minute visit to a primary care physician if a single issue had been addressed a particular code would be assigned for billing. If additional issues, more complexity to the concern, more research was involved and/or more time was utilized a more complex code would could billed.

Regardless of the type of visit you receive you will leave feeling complete with our doctors using holistic thinking and our treatment plans including diet, lifestyle, and various forms of medicine.

If your budget is fixed we recommend participating in a program where expectations and timeline of treatments are clear.  If your condition or concerns have been bothering you for more than 3-6 months with little or no success of other treatment attempts we believe individualized consultations yield the best outcome.  

Prescription refills/Pharmacy

With Pharmaceutical prescription refills please have your pharmacy fax the request to our office, 480-926-9229.  We require a 48 notice of refill requests with preference of 5 days.

With natural medicine refills, Kelly places an order weekly on Tuesday’s.  Please call to make sure your medicine is in stock or to give us time to get it in.  If calling is an inconvenience, we will gladly set you up with our natural medicinary, Fullscript for you to refill as needed.  

Phlebotomy Service

Our Phlebotomy service is new and exciting and created as a convince to our clients.  You can set an appointment for any of your blood draw needs.  Please discuss our awesome prices for cash, high deductible, and insurance based labs.  We also have a number of functional based testing including a wheat and gut zoomer, celiac panels, cardiac profiles, and food allergy testing.

Laboratory and imaging requisition forms

We do our best to give you requisition forms at your visit to be completed before you return.  Sometimes this does not happen.  We prefer to fax your requisition forms to your site of choice.  Please clearly state the most convenient location when leaving messages. 

For patients monitoring hormone levels, laboratory requests can be challenging based on requested draw times.  We apologize for this request however find it results in the most accurate measurements,  best treatment outcomes, and safest care.  For Bioidentical Hormone Therapy monitoring your laboratory draws must take place 6 hours after the last dose administration. For example; you took a troche at 6 AM, the blood draw should take place at 12PM.  For menstruating females it is often that two draws are optimal; one day 4 of your cycle and one day 19 or during ovulation.

Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished
— Lao Tzu